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kenpo x … week two in the books

It bears repeating that this workout is much easier to do with weight off than weight on, but I would never be in this position if I hadn’t started it to begin with. What a paradox that is.

Week 2 of my second time through p90x is done, the sun is gleaming gold through the front windows, Bruce is off on a 16 mile training run, Aaron is stirring in his bed … with coffee this could be a perfect moment. as it is - I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me a little of when I was small and would lie awake at my Grandma’s house. I could hear my sister in the next room stirring, and smell the bacon and coffee from downstairs. It is cold in my memory, crisp and fall ( I always slept with the windows open), but under the covers I was toasty warm. Bedside was a table of books and a lamp I had left on through the night, after I had fallen asleep reading.

I miss my Grandma today. I miss her a lot, but today I would like to share with her the things I have accomplished and the little person I will now go and pick up from his bed, like she used to come and get me from mine …

Happy Saturday all. Happy Saturday Grandma. I love you so.

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day 2, week 2 p90x take 2

That’s a lot of twos. This is my second go through for P90x. The second go through since having the baby and I’ll be honest. It is a LOT easier to do with 80 pounds off of my frame. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying doing the work outs. Well, not enjoying. But not dreading. I’m sore as all hell, I don’t want to work out when I get up, but I’m totally digging the feeling of being sore.

If that makes sense.

Today was plyo, I did Turbofire for 45 minutes.

I don’t know if it’s the same, but I love Chalene and I figured it would work. It did. I went to work and was starving. I missed breakfast and … never again. It was a bad idea. food is necessary. Dinner ended up being a massive cheeseburger and fries. Not a great idea but whenever I skimp on a real craving I always end up eating 3x more in bad things to get to something similar.

Go big or go home.

So tomorrow I get up and do it again.

Tony is waiting … just push play …

Thanks for reading,



www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart - fund my workouts, fund yours!

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P90x Day 1 

I love Tony HOrton. I really do. Everytime I work out with P90x I’m reminded of how beautifully simple it is to wake up, work out, and get on with your life. As I say this I am eating Qunioia and blueberrys with some fresh honey and water to drink. 

Day 1 workout for anyone not familiar with P90x, is chest and arms. Lots of push ups and lots of pull ups. And before you do that you take measurements. Weight, hips, chest, waist, arms - along with pictures.

The more I see P90x the more I realize how many things I still have to learn, about my body, about my abilities, about … Did he really just say that ? About German strengethening skills?

It’s funny. It’s good. It gets me in shape.

And I’m so glad we started today.

Thanks for reading. Look for more as the ninety days progress!

PS as I sit hear Bruce is reading to Aaron. He was trying to do his blog (www.dsafitness.tumblr.com) and Aaron came in and started to cry. He needed his Daddy. So now Bruce is reading book after book to him. It’s really just too adorable to be believed.


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And a New Chapter

It’s August 1st!

About mid reset I determined it wasn’t good for me with some medications I’m on, so I stopped doing it. I continued to eat most of the foods, along with some proteins I felt I needed. After all was said and done I lost about 6 pounds along with 2” - despite stopping mid reset. I have to say the thing I really learned was how much I love vegetables, how much I really adore qunioa (I could eat that for practically every meal) and just how much Aaron and Bruce and I can live with a little meat, instead of a lot.

Other learnings; I do not want to run a marathon. Let’s just be clear on this. Some things are Bruce’s dreams, some are mine. That one = Bruce. And that’s okay. I do want my book published and it is. Self, but it’s a start. I’ve been back to writing regularly and, to be honest, I’d rather take that extra hour (or four) a day and write than run. It’s true. So I’m going to do that. This is something I’m taking as a reset learning. I need to be more true to myself - and to God. I spent some time with my Bible over the last few days, something that was a bit overdue. And discovered some peace I thought had been missing. Good times.

Next up? P90x. Starting Monday. We’re going to continue to eat like this - which means we’re going to continue to cook. Prepping ahead, eating at home, making lunches. I’m really digging looking forward to what I’m eating and consciously eating instead of just munching. So - there’s that. And then the challenge group. If you’re not a part of it, then you’re just … well … not.

If you have a work out and want shakeology, then I’ll let you in :-) If you want a workout and don’t want shakeology, same deal. Bruce and I have combined forces and the group rocks. I’m so psyched about this!

Thanks everyone for reading. I’m looking forward to the next incarnation and P90x!




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Ultimate Reset Revelations II - Detox

I’m still in week one of Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset and this morning I was on the verge of tears because all of my friends are going to a movie and I can’t find a babysitter. Seriously. Oh and I have to work. Did I mention I’m 33?

The thing about this that strikes me is - I quit smoking after 10 years and remember this feeling. I knew the toxins that were in that. If I’m going through the same, looking under a visor, not quite UP at the world feeling NOW - well … imagine what must be in the crap we eat every day for me to feel like this without detoxing from any ONE thing.

And this is only day 6.

I want to quit. I’ll be honest. I want a peanut buster parfait from Dairy Queen and a veinte coffee, black and very hot, from Starbucks.

But I’m not going to. Because now I’m curious. How will day 21 feel?

Thanks for reading,



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UltImate reset revelations

I think the thing that amazes me most about eating like this is that it costs less than eating processed food or eating out. Left Mariano’s with a basket of fresh veggies and fruits, 30oz of quinoia, a thing of hummus, and a bag of sun chips for the boys. $23. Amazing!

I am still down about 4 - 5 pounds which is a little frustrating since everywhere I look people are down much more, but I’ll take it. Plus my body feels amazing. Which is worth it. And if it means we aren’t spending upwards of thirty dollars on food we don’t care about. In places we can’t get excited about … Well,that’s definitely cool.

Happy Monday! Have to get the tempeh out of the oven. Did I just say that?

Thanks for reading!


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Day 3 …

This morning Bruce and I woke up and Bruce said “we’re almost through week 1.” Umm no. But this morning I feel better than I need yesterday. I have more energy, I’m excited. and the food looks better. Although yesterday that Greek dressing was pretty amazing (I’m having it again today - full disclosure!)

This reset is not easy. It’s a challenge. But by eating healthier, I feel better already. I’m at 172 and change - only three pounds down from my original weigh in weight of 175 and change, 176 if you’re pressing it, but I am not bloated, and I’m just - I don’t know - lighter.

I do miss coffee. Not in a headache - y way, but in a … wow, I really really want it, kind of a way.

Anyway … Day 3, staring me down, and I’m kinda looking forward to it. I cooked lentils for the first time last night and tonight we’re making Tempe sushi. All new, all interesting, all bound to be amazing. So … Here we go kiddies!

Thanks for reading!


www.dsafitness.tumblr.com - see pics because Bruce is better than me at that!

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a little explanation

I want to explain the extraordinary thing my husband is doing. Our family is doing - but mostly him. To do that I have to take him and place him in your context of being.

My husband is a MAN. He’s a guy. He likes football and working out. He can bench a few hundred pounds (he’s benched me at more than I weigh now), can carry his family on his back. He’s a guy’s guy. He’s also like a kid. He likes comic books and superheros - loves comic con and snapping photos of people dressed up. His first half marathon was run as the Green Lantern.

His FIRST half marathon. Which was done about 16 days before his 38th birthday.

Which is to say that my husband, like me, sets goals in order to accomplish them.

Sets them, knocks them down. Sets them, knocks them down.

We pray a lot together. For a long time I don’t think that he has known what he has wanted tot do. But now he does and - in true Bruce fashion - he’s going after it. And I am SO PROUD OF HIM. And so excited for him. I can picture him next to someone, climbing a mountain with them, not because it’s his dream, but because it was theirs - and they needed someone to do it with them. That’s how he is.

I know it won’t be easy. It will take sacrifice to get there. But the path of least resistance is never worth fighting for, and rarely worth visiting.

So … that is my amazing this morning. My husband, Bruce Averyheart. Who is on a journey - and I guess we all are - that is a HUGE leap of faith. But I know he can do it. Wherever it may lead.

I love you, B


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D.S.A. Fitness: Ultimate Reset Week 1 Day 1



Today kicked off the first official day of my reset and journey in purely healthy eating! Week one is the Reclaim week, the goal is to eat clean with minimal animal products, take the reset suppliments and drink distilled water. You are not supposed to workout during the reset…

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Reset and … Go!

Day one of the Ultimate Reset (www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart) and I am ready for a snack. It’s a few hours after breakfast and the kale / 2 eggs / one piece of toast and LOTS of water (distilled) I’m drinking are just making me hungry. and hungry. But weirdly I don’t want the cupcake I saw downstairs or anything else. Just food. Like the salad I have waiting in the fridge.

What is the reset?

Total, mind blowing, body change.

I hope :-)

Keep you posted! and as always, thanks for reading!


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