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kenpo x … week two in the books

It bears repeating that this workout is much easier to do with weight off than weight on, but I would never be in this position if I hadn’t started it to begin with. What a paradox that is.

Week 2 of my second time through p90x is done, the sun is gleaming gold through the front windows, Bruce is off on a 16 mile training run, Aaron is stirring in his bed … with coffee this could be a perfect moment. as it is - I’m really enjoying it. It reminds me a little of when I was small and would lie awake at my Grandma’s house. I could hear my sister in the next room stirring, and smell the bacon and coffee from downstairs. It is cold in my memory, crisp and fall ( I always slept with the windows open), but under the covers I was toasty warm. Bedside was a table of books and a lamp I had left on through the night, after I had fallen asleep reading.

I miss my Grandma today. I miss her a lot, but today I would like to share with her the things I have accomplished and the little person I will now go and pick up from his bed, like she used to come and get me from mine …

Happy Saturday all. Happy Saturday Grandma. I love you so.

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UltImate reset revelations

I think the thing that amazes me most about eating like this is that it costs less than eating processed food or eating out. Left Mariano’s with a basket of fresh veggies and fruits, 30oz of quinoia, a thing of hummus, and a bag of sun chips for the boys. $23. Amazing!

I am still down about 4 - 5 pounds which is a little frustrating since everywhere I look people are down much more, but I’ll take it. Plus my body feels amazing. Which is worth it. And if it means we aren’t spending upwards of thirty dollars on food we don’t care about. In places we can’t get excited about … Well,that’s definitely cool.

Happy Monday! Have to get the tempeh out of the oven. Did I just say that?

Thanks for reading!


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Day 3 …

This morning Bruce and I woke up and Bruce said “we’re almost through week 1.” Umm no. But this morning I feel better than I need yesterday. I have more energy, I’m excited. and the food looks better. Although yesterday that Greek dressing was pretty amazing (I’m having it again today - full disclosure!)

This reset is not easy. It’s a challenge. But by eating healthier, I feel better already. I’m at 172 and change - only three pounds down from my original weigh in weight of 175 and change, 176 if you’re pressing it, but I am not bloated, and I’m just - I don’t know - lighter.

I do miss coffee. Not in a headache - y way, but in a … wow, I really really want it, kind of a way.

Anyway … Day 3, staring me down, and I’m kinda looking forward to it. I cooked lentils for the first time last night and tonight we’re making Tempe sushi. All new, all interesting, all bound to be amazing. So … Here we go kiddies!

Thanks for reading!


www.dsafitness.tumblr.com - see pics because Bruce is better than me at that!

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TurboFire 45!

Day 3 in my “Return of Chalene”. God I love her. I’m doing this and watching my husband make major life changes at the same time. Pretty awesome.

On a side note - I will NEVER be able to teach on Tuesday. Talking and choreography and turbo and jumping all together. ye gods I’m nervous! Say a prayer for me!

Starting up a YouTube channel soon to talk about Beachbody and the Beachbody Reset we’re starting on Wednesday with a group of other coaches. I am SO PSYCHED About that. It’s like … starting over. Putting your body on go and really moving. If you’re curious about it go to www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart or ask me about it. And in the meantime … thanks for reading :-)


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Turbo KICK

Aaron (my two year old) loves to watch Chalene and say Turbo KICK. It’s hilarious. Well today was day 2. And with great motivation. Next Tuesday I’m subbing (or Co Teaching) or whatever - for or with - my husband at The Brickhouse in Plainfield, IL. Come out and see me. Us.


I got certified to teach but have never taught. And I want to. Because Chalene and P90x and Beachbody have changed.my.life.


And then Wednesday we start the reset. www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart search Reset. It’s 21 days to a new, detoxed, you. A little scary, a little exciting. a little - do I really have to eat seaweed? I called three stores looking for it and got a few responses, but bottom line we live in a place that you want to live in if you want to buy seaweed. I mean, it’s available.

So … that’s it.

Thanks for reading. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout - today!


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Month 2, Week 2, Day 2 - Max Cardio

I love peanut butter in my oatmeal and sometimes I need motivation to get through a workout. I’ll be honest. Since we started not eating dessert,  peanut butter in my oatmeal has been it. This morning was no different. And boy did I earn it.

Pure Cardio in Month 1 seems hard.

and then you get to Max Cardio and what would I give for some easy laps of Pure Cardio?

On the plus side, yesterday I did the Y-Me 5k for Breast Cancer Run in about 37 minutes, pushing Aaron. That’s the fastest I’ve done it with a stroller and my PR without a stroller was 36. So I’m pretty excited.

That’s it. That’s all.

I’m going to try to write more regularly. Insanity does great things to a body and a mind and I’m grateful to have continued with it, and not gotten hurt (knock wood, Grace of God), this time.

Let’s keep the streak alive!

Thanks for reading!

www.52weeksofamazing.tumblr.com - my amazing life


www.myshakeology.com/kataveryheart - drinking strawberry shakeology!

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Insanity Thoughts

Yesterday was day 3 and today was day 4. Cardio Recovery. All sorts of stretching and moving and planks and planks with two leg hover and one to oblique. Repeat x16. Then squat pulse x16 and mini pulse (held down low) x16. Oh yeah, I feel recovered. And sore.

Tomorrow is pure cardio.

The amazing thing is - I can do it. Most of it.

When I was at 245 and had just had Aaron (maybe 235?) I never thought I would lose the weight. I was so fat and so depressed and felt so awful. Like I should just keep eating ice creat and pizza. And now here I am, looking to do more, be more, stretch more.

It’s pretty awesome.

If you feel like you can’t - do it anyway.

I’m not sure how I did this at 200 pounds or 220. I can’t wait to do it lighter.


Thanks for reading,




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Plyo & Running

It’s V Day! We don’t celebrate at our house, but I hope wherever you are you woke up as happy as I did and as cuddled next to the one you love J

It was 4 when I woke up at at 4:45 I snuck out of bed and pressed play on plyocide. Aaron woke up just as it was ending and together we kissed Daddy goodbye. This week I have to say, Plyocide got harder. I was a little winded and I think it’s because I was able to give it a little more OOMPH than in previous weeks. One thing I noticed is that I’m able to do push ups deeper and more effectively than before. No, there aren’t push ups in plyocide, but if you tap your toe on some of the exercises (and I did), then you do push ups as punishment. 5 on 2 exercises later, I was amazed at my burgeoning strength.

Now today is the first run since the two we’ve missed and stepping out into the morning Aaron and I were hushed. A snow had fallen that was so light, and so clean it took our collective breath away. I sketched a quick “I love Aaron” in the window of the car and then we were off to work. In the back of my head was the thought “it’s so early, maybe I can run at the work gym”. The thought of running was just exciting to me. The idea of the ground beneath my feet, the pounding. The movement. Of course inside isn’t as good, but at least it would be something.

We moved through the morning and arrived super early, just like I had woken up. And Aaron was so happy, he just scampered into the classroom and started to play. So I went to the gym (in the same facility) and ran. Treadmill. 3 miles. But I ran all of it except about 2 minutes somewhere in the third mile. About 35 minutes later I stopped and hopped in the shower, then re dressed for work. I’m not going to lie, treadmill running is harder for me than outside running, but I felt amazing. I cannot wait for tomorrow to run the four miles.

Maybe a little slower J but still, exciting.

How is your day? Ready for your work out – or – maybe, like me – by 8 a.m. you were already on your way to work, done with working out. Join my team and we can keep each other accountable! www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart (tropical shakeology is out!)

Thanks for reading!


www.52weeksofamazing.tumblr.com (it’s week 7 already!)

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