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TurboFire 45!

Day 3 in my “Return of Chalene”. God I love her. I’m doing this and watching my husband make major life changes at the same time. Pretty awesome.

On a side note - I will NEVER be able to teach on Tuesday. Talking and choreography and turbo and jumping all together. ye gods I’m nervous! Say a prayer for me!

Starting up a YouTube channel soon to talk about Beachbody and the Beachbody Reset we’re starting on Wednesday with a group of other coaches. I am SO PSYCHED About that. It’s like … starting over. Putting your body on go and really moving. If you’re curious about it go to www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart or ask me about it. And in the meantime … thanks for reading :-)


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Insanity Day 1

Oh My Goodness

The only thing that got me up and moving this morning was the fact that Bruce was up and moving. Seriously. Otherwise I was quite content to stay under the covers and sleep. For like another hour. 4:00 in the morning is an UNGODLY hour to work out. And once you make up your mind to do so it’s one of those things that can be completely changed with a set of crisp sheets.

But Bruce got up. So I got up.

Ugh. www.dsafitness.tumblr.com I love you, but I hate you.

I saw the dvd that was in and my first reaction was “The first day isn’t Plyo!” but apparently it is. That seemed unfair then and it seems unfair now. As my thighs burn. But I’ll be honest, It’s a lot more fair on THIS side, at 8:03 when my workout is DONE and I can eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee in postworkout bliss.

How was it?

Insanity was hard 30 pounds ago. It is harder now, somehow. But this time I can do more of it. Push myself harder. I think because of running and my enhanced cardio stamnina. So I don’t get as many breaks and my form - while still not great in some places - is better. Although at the end I always break. Shaun T always breaks me. There will be a point, sometime, when he won’t. But right now, he still does.

So … yeah. Plyo was successful. and I got through the warm up without stopping. To those of you who say so what, it’s just a warm up, I dare you to try it. Really. Dare you.

Go for it.

I love Insanity. Keep sweating!




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AIDS Run & Recovery Week (Insanity)

I knew Shaun T’s recovery week would be Active Recovery and not something resembling Yoga! What I actually love is that in the middle of it he looks very sincerely at the camera and says “If you’re tired, you’re working too hard”. I wasn’t tired, so I guess I wasn’t working too hard, but I’ll tell you – it’s hard NOT to work too hard when you’re doing a lot of the same things you do EVERY other week, just at half speed. That being said, Day One went really well. There’s a lot of Ab Focus that reminded me, again, to contract my abs. For some reason when he’s showing people with gorgeous abs and showing how they’re working them, I don’t always feel the exercises where he’s pointing, so I’m trying to focus there. I am starting to see little baby ab muscles though, and that’s seriously cool. Maybe by next summer I’ll be able to feel good in a bathing suit … well, I said maybe … a girl’s gotta have goals, right?

This weekend was a great dichotomy of slugfest v. the active life. Saturday morning we were downtown bright and early for the AIDS walk. Aaron and I did the 5k in about 42 minutes. I got to the 3 mile mark in 39 minutes but the last .2 miles the sun was right in Aaron’s face and I turned him around and pulled him in backwards. He just was seriously unhappy with the sun and I figured, why not. Between not hitting people and pulling him that way, it took a bit longer to come in. I’m still pretty happy though. The wind was ridiculous and, as anyone who’s ever pushed a 32 pound kid in a jogging stroller knows (or driven a van / jeep / suv in the wind) – the wind makes pushing things harder. It was cold and my side started hurting at about the two mile mark. We jogged quite a bit of it and walked some of it, but overall I was pretty happy.  (I did it in 40:16, just checked on the website :-) Sweet!!!)

One thing I learned – if you want to be a runner you have to run. Shaun T and Chalene will get you so far. There’s no way I could run at all without their Cardio programs – but to get further I’d have to do a training program like Bruce (www.dsafitness.tumblr.com) and I don’t want to do that. 5ks are good. At least for now.

Yesterday was all Breakfast, Church, Cake, Football, reading, naps, and a quick walk around the neighborhood with Aaron in a backpack on my back to try and burn off a few of the calories to make room for more … cake. Sometimes I just need a break and yesterday was one of those days.

All in all a lovely weekend, and glad to get back to working out this morning. Now I’m going to jump in the shower and get to work. It’s the first day of a new quarter and only a few days until Aaron turns 1 year old. I cannot believe how fast the year has gone. One minute he’s a squirmy tiny baby literally being born and handed to me and Bruce and the next he’s this big little boy, getting into everything and eating absolutely everything he can get his hands on. Wow I cannot believe how he has changed me.

Thanks for reading and make it a great day …




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Cardio Resistance

When I get up in the morning I don’t jump out of bed just dying to see Shaun T’s face. I do glare at the alarm clock and wonder why it’s so dark in the “morning”. And then I remember. The rest of the world is still sleeping. When Bruce got up this morning I looked at him like it was crazy. Then I reminded him it was 4:30 and he reminded me that that’s the time he gets up in the morning. Oh yeah. Cardio Recovery. I’ve said before that this isn’t actual recovery. It’s not a stretch or a break day and if you’re looking for a way to slack, this day isn’t it. But it is a fantastic stretch for your body and it will leave you feeling worked out in a way that Pure Cardio won’t. Basically it’s an extension of Shaun T’s 6 minute stretch, with some heavy lifting (me) mixed in for fun. It’s 2 in the afternoon and I’m sitting at work thinking about needing a haircut, about the 5k I am doing this weekend, and about end of month. In the interest of finishing end of month strong I’m going to go. But remember – get up, get moving, and get out there. Do something amazing! Then sign up for the Fall into Fitness Challenge. Or on January 1 I don’t want to hear about how you wish you had started W A Y back in October. Otherwise known as … now. Thanks for reading! Kat www.thesimplificationproject.tumblr.com www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart Facebook No Mom Jeans

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Pure Cardio

Pure Cardio

-          If Shaun T says that he’s nervous about a work out while you’re stretching? You should be too.

Pure Cardio is exactly what it sounds like. If you think the warm up to the Insanity work outs is Cardio, then you’ve not seen anything yet. You move, you groove, and then you move some more. And unlike the music from Chalene, which is poppy and peppy, and made to make you WANT to move, at one point I found myself noticing that this sounded like something that I would want played at my funeral. Or maybe that was because I was doing Suicides. Really.

That being said, the actual workout is only about 18minutes long. It says 38 minutes, but there’s 9 minutes for the warm up (29 minutes left), 6 minutes for stretching (23 minutes left), and then 5 at the end to cool down. So 18 minutes. Each movement is one minute long and you only repeat one of them, at the very end, which – to me – makes it easier – because each thing is something new. A new and fascinating way to torture muscles I’ve never before used.


At the end of the work out portion (before cool down), Shaun T turns to the camera and says “This shit is bananas, Yo.” And you know, I’m inclined to agree?

And not the least of reasons because of this. At the beginning of the week (was that only Sunday that I started this little journey?) I was fitting into my work clothes but they were tight. Each day everything fits a little better. It’s amazing to do something that slims you every day. Imagine that. Real results day after day. I just keep wondering how my 5k will be at the end of September. Will I improve? Will I collapse from exhaustion? We shall see!

In the meantime check out this blog ; http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.pigtailpals.com%2F2011%2F08%2Fwaking-up-full-of-awesome%2F&h=kAQC-htoEAQCbMh9LfQcxJ3mLVrUVzxlVywBy0_TmGyGE5g

It’s pretty fantastic, and about how I feel just after crushing a really difficult workout. How do you feel?

Thanks for reading!




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Party …. yeah whatever


The first definition of party on Dictionary.com defines party as;

a social gathering, as of invited guests at a private home, for conversation, refreshments, entertainment, etc.: a cocktail party.

That’s the kind of party I was looking for this morning. Actually, I would have settled for the second definition;

a group gathered for a special purpose or task: a fishing party; a search party.

As long as that common purpose was sleep. Lots and lots and lots and lots of sleep.

But it wasn’t.

It was a Cardio Party

Woot Woot

Please note my excitement …

It could be that I was just tired, that the few days of meetings are finally getting to me, or that after being out until 11 at a work Casino Night (where I did great at fake craps) jumping around just isn’t that appealing. Or that repeating the same thing just didn’t seem like much fun. or ..

But she got me. And before I knew it I was sweating and throwing punches, and trying to figure out how TO throw that punch and the kick and do a speed whatever … to the beat. At 6:20 I was done and ready to shower. In a much better place than I was when I started my party. So … maybe parties can be all different kinds. I can definately feel two things at work. One … I haven’t been eating the greatest the last few days, but Two the way Chalene’s workouts are changing my body. It feels pretty fantastic. And that kind of change is far more permanant than the 50 minutes it took me to do the work out.

Semi Perm and totally worth it.

So even when you don’t want to, even when I don’t want to, apparently all I have to do is put one foot in front of the other. Slowly but surely the movements will take over and the work out works me. And that’s as good as it gets.

 Thanks for reading!




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Being a Mom and Working Out … While Singing?

Plyo X is all about the jumping and I am still just … not. I am willing to work on it, so on Day two of month two, I pushed play on Cardio X and went through mini Yoga, mini Kenpo, mini Plyo, and mini Core – because that’s basically what it is. During mini yoga, my eight month old (Aaron) started fussing. He had been sitting to my left alternating between playing and watching me move myself into increasingly strange positions, but suddenly that wasn’t interesting. So I started singing.

If I couldn’t do Yoga before P90X, I definitely couldn’t have done singing Yoga.

This is what I love about working out. It takes me, pushes me to the point where I want to work out, then work out at 5 in the morning, then work out at 5 in the morning with a baby, and then, when the baby fusses, I find ways of amusing him without breaking rhythm.

It was a great start to the day!  How will you BRING IT today?

Thanks for reading!




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