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Week One - Jan Work Outs

In typical Kat fashion, I’ve been doing a horrible time of blogging - or at least of moving my blogs to this site. Anyway . In none typical Kat fashion, I’ve been doing a fantastic time working out. Which is the important thing.

During the holiday season I missed working out - never. And I added a few live Yoga Classes. They’re not a regular part of my routine yet, as I don’t know which I can regular make, but I’ve definately made the commitment to make yoga a part of whatever regimen I’m doing. I feel stronger, more flexible, and just BETTER, than I did only two weeks ago. In addition Bruce and I cracked open P90x2 and started doing that yoga program. It’s miles better than P90x Yoga. The moves are basic but they’re intense and the Tony that comes in the box is just more refined. He’s okay when his “kids” make a mistake - or even when (gasp!) he does. And it’s fun to be a part of.

Not missing a work out paid off - in a low stress holiday and a weight loss. I’m at 171 - down from 225 last .. April. Yep, that’s when I started working out. And this year my goal is simple. Help as many people go from completely inactive and eating pizza on the couch to psychotically loving working out (this morning Bruce and I did P90x2 yoga and then I did Turbofire 45 before Aaron woke up) as possible. Are you one of those people?

1. Do you hate to work out but want to like it?

2. Do you like to eat junk food but are willing to moderate? (not stop, just moderate)

3. Do you want accountability and encouragement?

4. Do you want exercise to be FUN?


Every week this year Bruce and I have committed to doing something amazing. This first week Bruce is running the Disney half marathon. The second week is the Ortho Polar Dash in Chicago. What will week 3 bring? Something amazing can be physical, mental, spiritual. It can be something we set out to do or something that God and life leads us to. But whatever it is - it’s going to help make 2012 one of the best yet.

Are you ready to commit to a 2012 full of Amazing with me? www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart join up for your FREE account, track your progress and get on the path of amazing today!

Thanks for reading!




www.52weeksofamazing.tumblr.com (in progress)

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55ez and Make a Messterpiece

This morning I got up at 4 in the morning and worked out. Why four? 1) Aaron was sleeping and I had a hunch I might be able to do all of the workout if I started RIGHT THEN. 2) Bruce was sleeping so I got to sneak into his usual time frame 3) If I didn’t I wouldn’t want to later 4) I was awake and there was really nothing I’d rather be doing.

The 55EZ work out is not my favorite. In fact, If I was going to pick a least favorite, it would be this one. I get off about 15 minutes or so from the end every time. Bruce told me today that something about the workout is off and I believe him. It just feels wrong. My favorite workout, incidentally, is the Fire 45. But the 55 is still a great workout. It gets you moving and sweating and working. Just a little off and for maybe 10 minutes too long without enough Fire Drills.

In the past few days I’ve worked out, hung out with my husband and son, taken care of (with my husband), our sick child, and worked. Working both on my job, and on a business plan for a non for profit that Bruce and I want to launch. I’m SO EXCITED!!! RIght now we’ll keep it under wraps but we can’t wait to launch it and give back to a world that has given us so much.

So .. that’s my Monday. Working out, working, getting Aaron to school, watching him walk … yesterday he was all over the place at Make a Messterpiece (www.makeamessterpiece.com ) in Glenview. He was walking and crawling, trying to hang with the big kids on the slide, and riding down the slide while I held him. He and I went into the drum room and splashed paint all over (pictures to come, I’ll be the big, giant, marshmellow, he’s the adorable little guy in the goggles and camo jacket). We went with one of my two best friends, @jillstacy, in from Mississippi with her gorgeous daughters.

Have I mentioned I love my life? I do. It’s amazing what God can do when you’re not looking. Or when you’re asking for things you have no business asking for - and no idea you don’t need.

How is your world? Feeling fit or fat before the holidays? Hope all is well!

Much love and thanks for reading!K



With miss layla

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HIIT 20 & Sculpt 30

This is my fourth week of Turbo Fire and so far I am loving the results as much as the workout. My clothes fit better, I feel slimmer and more toned. In general I just feel more positive about things and I think that’s because every morning I’m in front of someone who is smiley and bubbly and tells me “I’m NOT Tired!!” and you know? I’m not.

I LOVE HIIT 20. HIIT 15 is too short and HIIT 25 - while awesome - is super intense. HIIT 20 is perfect. This morning it felt like someone was running a freight train over my lungs, so I was definately working harder than I have in the past. That and the fact that Aaron woke up wheezing makes me believe our house is incredibly dry and that might contribute to the extra wheezing I did … but whatever. It was a great workout. Then we got into sculpt. Now form is the most important part of any workout. It’s a fact. You can do 100 reps of something but if you do them incorrectly, you’re not doing anything important. Fortunately Bruce was there to fix my mistakes. Unfortunately I’m not open to criticism in the middle of a workout because then I miss the next move … hmmm … perhaps I need to work on this.

I’m adding a blog a day into my blogging to talk about the assignments from PUSH - Chalene’s new book, so look for that. But in the meantime, let’s just enjoy the fact that I’m done working out for today and I’ve been working for about 2 hours now. Aaron and I are home today because of said wheezing (although since he’s had liquids he sounds much better), and we’re hanging out. He’s playing the bongos and the keyboard, and coloring on the ipad (not with the pen Aaron!) and I’m working.

What have you done so far today? Want to make the day more productive? Ask me how! Message me or join my team for free at www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart

Thanks for reading!



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Car Smart with Chalene

Car Smart. I’m getting smarter in my car!!!! Ok, true confession time. I’ve been listening to motivational CDs in my car. And they’re sort of working. Sort of as in I really like them and I’m feeling more positive and I’m taking a breath before becoming frustrated and I’m employing techniques and remembering things I haven’t done in a while. Sort of not in that a woman cut me off yesterday and I might have been the person in the car with my one year old who yelled. and swore. But he didn’t repeat it .. yet. So I still have time to curb my ways. At least another day.

What is Car Smart you ask? I’m so glad to tell you! Car Smart is a CD Series by Chalene Johnson, the creator of Turbo Fire. Turbo Fire is the amazing workout I’ve been doing. She also created Turbo Jam and other motivational series but for right now we’ll stick with that. In Car Smart she discusses things like confidence, dealing with prickly personalities, and secrets of success. She also talks about how important a loving, healthy, marriage is and how that’s the key to being a great parent. I think I LOVE this woman. Bruce asked when I’m going to dye my hair blond and get a push up bra for working out … patience grasshopper. I think that comes at the end of the series.

Seriously though - if your life is suffering or you’ve been looking for that spark or positivity (not a word) - consider picking up PUSH, Chalene’s new book or the Car Smart Series (I got both). It will make a difference in your life.

Today is  a workout rest day (still weird - rest day on a Wednesday, but whatever) - so I’m just enjoying it. I hope you are too!

Looking for a work out? www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart join me!

thanks for reading!



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i workOUT!!

Executive Decision .. I am doing at least three months of Chalene. Potentially more. Which means that, in January, I’m not going to rush off and do P90X 2 with everyone else. I’m going to wait for everyone else to kill themselves and then do it once there are tips available. See? I’m smart like that. Also - I’m having FUN working out. I really really am. This morning I was talking to Bruce about it and I told him that for the first time since I started to work out again I am legitimately looking forward to waking up and working out. With Insanity I loved the feeling I got after. It’s fantastic and I will get back to it. P90X too. But right now I KNOW Chalene’s workout is giving me the body I want and I’m LOVING working out. So why SHOULDN’T I do it??

If you are working out and NOT loving it, drop what you’re doing and RUN to get Turbo Fire. Then work out with me. Today was HIIT 20 and Stretch 10 and within 2 minutes (or 20 seconds) I was INTO it. I wanted the music. I wanted to BE Chalene. I got her Car Set and have been listening to her in the car. Because I’ve been through a lot in my life her series isn’t revolutionary to me - I know how to be introspective and take care of myself, but if you’ve NEVER been to therapy or done any sort of self work, you should. And even if you have, you should. Because it’s NEVER too late to live your best life. It’s Bruce’s 38th Birthday today and he looks better today than he did when we got married 4 years ago. And you know what? So do I.

Our son walked between us this morning and I could feel the click. Us. Our son. God. The only thing missing was Evan and he’ll be here this weekend. God is SO GOOD!!

Do you need to get in shape? Are you looking for that element that’s missing from your life? The workout, the fun, the SOMETHING? Message me if you have questions or what to get in shape. I’m happy to share MY story with you. Don’t wait. Make a move on behalf of YOU today.

Thanks for reading!



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Live my Best Life Now

My son is standing against the coffee table trying to get at the Beachbody Box that my Shakeology HD came in. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t WANT the Shakeology but you can’t really tell …

 This morning we woke up and I remembered that Palatine was having a 3k. Bruce was aghast that we do all these runs and weren’t doing this one, so we looked it up. 3k. starting in an hour. We got dressed, put Aaron in the baby backpack (thanks Ken & Lizz!)  and headed off to the “No Strollers!!” race. Well, we could have had a stroller, but it was cool to see Bruce jog the race with a 40 pound pack (27 pounds baby, the balance the pack). And really cool to feel how much stronger my legs have gotten through Turbo Jam. Not only did they not hurt, but I could feel the muscles working. I felt awesome and as I tried to explain it Bruce used the world powerful – and that’s the perfect word. I felt powerful.

 We finished the jog / walk in 30 minutes (it’s only 1.86 miles, but we had a pack to consider, and I’m not faster, just better paced J)

 After breakfast, Bruce headed out for a run, Aaron settled in for a nap, and I put Turbo Jam in the DVD. Punch, Kick, and Jamming for 50 minutes is a pretty fantastic follow up to a quick run and after that I was ready for a shower and shakeology. Now there’s nothing left to do but head back to Palatine Fest for Jesse White Tumblers, American English, and some Brother’s Ribs.

 The best thing about doing things like this is realizing how I couldn’t have and wouldn’t have only 4 months ago. 30 or 40 pounds heavier makes it so much harder to want to do anything. You don’t look for races, everything takes planning … it’s just not FUN. So if you’re in a place where you feel like everything takes work or you wanted to work out and it didn’t happen this summer, re connect, re group, and remember – you have the rest of your life to feel like garbage. Take today and decide that you want to change your life. Decide to make a difference, Commit to yourself that you’re going to make changes – start small and they will get bigger, I promise. Then work toward your success. The road to success is paved with both failures and successes. But together, we can encourage each other to reach our goals.

 You can have the summer and the life you want to have. I want to help you enjoy your life like we enjoy ours. Email me if you have questions or join my team at www.teambeachbody.com/katla - it’s free to join and monitor your workouts / ask questions. Your best life is just one click away. I’ll see you there!

Thanks for reading!!





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Thursday, Thursday, Thursday

Thursdays mean Yoga and today I’m looking forward to it because after Yoga X I have to run. Have to as in I ran Sunday but didn’t run on Tuesday, and Beachpalooza is in less than 40 days. I look outside and the sky looks like rain, but that’s better than being 90 degrees.

I throw on some sweats, put Aaron in the stroller (he’s been fussing all day over some teeth that are coming in) and head out into the wind. The rain holds off but the wind batters us. I have to admit, I have no idea how long it took, but I still did 2.2 miles.

 On a side note:

This morning after Yoga I weighed myself and am down 20 pounds since starting P90x. I was on an okay stretch to lose weight but on Monday I started to follow Chalene Johnson’s healthy eating plan at the same time that I started Turbo Jam. Some easy snacks that are keeping me from eating un (healthy);

- low fat peanut butter on wheat toast with 1/2 a banana

- 1/2 cup of whole wheat cereal

- Shakeology

- Celery & Low Fat PB

- Celery

Lots of ice water, Iced Green Tea (unsweetened), Coffee (no cream or sugar)

Since I started I’ve been feeling amazing. I hope you’re enjoying your work outs and eating well, or, if you haven’t started, that you’re considering starting something. If you’re interested in Beachbody, sign up for a free account at www.teambeachbody.com/katla to track your weight loss, your goals, and your workouts.

 Thanks for reading!!

 -          K




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Before 7 A.M.

You know the feeling when you finish a pizza and a pint of ice cream, maybe a gallon of your favorite double churned … or that cake from the birthday party that you just don’t want to throw away? Or pasta from your favorite place? And you just feel so bloated?

 This is exactly NOT that feeling.

 I’ve been eating well for a few days but yesterday I started to consciously follow Chalene’s guide for getting slim in 10 days. In addition I started to do Turbo Jam in addition to P90x (this is the 3rd day). So this morning I woke up and did P90x (M2W3D2) and Turbo Jam (D3). I am not going to say I kept up – because I’m not really good at dancing. And to keep up I think you need to either have done it before or to have done Learn and Burn enough to know the moves well enough to be able to do them on call. But I kept up fairly well – and I was sweating at the end of the work out.

 Enough that, even though I wanted to mock people for being Barbie look a likes and cheerleader wanna bes, and all the rest, I didn’t. because I was completely admiring the way they could keep going and keep smiling. It was pretty cool. And it was fun. Which is just what I was looking for, since the preceding 45 minutes had been spent in Cardio X where I’m working harder than I have before and sweating more.

 I love it.

The opposite of that feeling? It’s strength. It’s feeling like I could bust through a door and not feeling like I have to.

It’s confident. It’s knowing that I’m doing to get done today exactly what I need to get done. And It’s just feeling good about myself. What did you do to make you feel good about yourself today?

 I’m going running tonight. (Damn Beachpalooza!) If you haven’t done anything yet, feel free to join me. I’m clocking everything in the Beachbody gym and, whether you are working out at the same time I am or not, it’s a great way to stay motivated.

Thanks for reading!
- K

 www.teambeachbody.com/Katla (Free tools, purchase programs & shakeology, become a Coach – ask me how!)



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Month 2, Week 2, Day 3 - Complete!

Month 2 of P90x is HARD. And the guy in the video chews GUM! What is that about??? When I was in 7th grade gym class I knew not to chew gum!! I keep waiting for Tony to backhand “Katie” (not her real name) and tell “Timmy” (what Marine goes by a name with a “y” at the end?) to spit out the gum. Then by the middle of the dvd I’m over it because I’m doing corn cob pull ups and sweating. I’ve even forgotten there’s lovely rain beating on the windows and that in a few hours I’ll be at work.

 Ah Tony …

 I’m not sure why this month is hard or why for Abs I feel like I’m stuck in the sludge. I do know I’ve kept off the weight I lost in Month one and have lost a pound or two more, while my muscles are getting stronger and more firm every day. I’m excited for Month 3. In Month 3 I’m adding Turbo Jam (A Chalene Johnson routine) which incorporates Kick Boxing and Dancing and I signed up for Weight Watchers online. Because I need just a little more discipline for my food intake.

This morning it’s a short post but later today I’m going to post a few steps that it takes to get started working out after not working out for a while. A how to of sorts. Look for it online and .. well, really just here J

 Thanks for Reading and enjoy your day!

-          K




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