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a little explanation

I want to explain the extraordinary thing my husband is doing. Our family is doing - but mostly him. To do that I have to take him and place him in your context of being.

My husband is a MAN. He’s a guy. He likes football and working out. He can bench a few hundred pounds (he’s benched me at more than I weigh now), can carry his family on his back. He’s a guy’s guy. He’s also like a kid. He likes comic books and superheros - loves comic con and snapping photos of people dressed up. His first half marathon was run as the Green Lantern.

His FIRST half marathon. Which was done about 16 days before his 38th birthday.

Which is to say that my husband, like me, sets goals in order to accomplish them.

Sets them, knocks them down. Sets them, knocks them down.

We pray a lot together. For a long time I don’t think that he has known what he has wanted tot do. But now he does and - in true Bruce fashion - he’s going after it. And I am SO PROUD OF HIM. And so excited for him. I can picture him next to someone, climbing a mountain with them, not because it’s his dream, but because it was theirs - and they needed someone to do it with them. That’s how he is.

I know it won’t be easy. It will take sacrifice to get there. But the path of least resistance is never worth fighting for, and rarely worth visiting.

So … that is my amazing this morning. My husband, Bruce Averyheart. Who is on a journey - and I guess we all are - that is a HUGE leap of faith. But I know he can do it. Wherever it may lead.

I love you, B


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Insanity Day 1

Oh My Goodness

The only thing that got me up and moving this morning was the fact that Bruce was up and moving. Seriously. Otherwise I was quite content to stay under the covers and sleep. For like another hour. 4:00 in the morning is an UNGODLY hour to work out. And once you make up your mind to do so it’s one of those things that can be completely changed with a set of crisp sheets.

But Bruce got up. So I got up.

Ugh. www.dsafitness.tumblr.com I love you, but I hate you.

I saw the dvd that was in and my first reaction was “The first day isn’t Plyo!” but apparently it is. That seemed unfair then and it seems unfair now. As my thighs burn. But I’ll be honest, It’s a lot more fair on THIS side, at 8:03 when my workout is DONE and I can eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee in postworkout bliss.

How was it?

Insanity was hard 30 pounds ago. It is harder now, somehow. But this time I can do more of it. Push myself harder. I think because of running and my enhanced cardio stamnina. So I don’t get as many breaks and my form - while still not great in some places - is better. Although at the end I always break. Shaun T always breaks me. There will be a point, sometime, when he won’t. But right now, he still does.

So … yeah. Plyo was successful. and I got through the warm up without stopping. To those of you who say so what, it’s just a warm up, I dare you to try it. Really. Dare you.

Go for it.

I love Insanity. Keep sweating!




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