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Month 2, Week 2, Day 2 - Max Cardio

I love peanut butter in my oatmeal and sometimes I need motivation to get through a workout. I’ll be honest. Since we started not eating dessert,  peanut butter in my oatmeal has been it. This morning was no different. And boy did I earn it.

Pure Cardio in Month 1 seems hard.

and then you get to Max Cardio and what would I give for some easy laps of Pure Cardio?

On the plus side, yesterday I did the Y-Me 5k for Breast Cancer Run in about 37 minutes, pushing Aaron. That’s the fastest I’ve done it with a stroller and my PR without a stroller was 36. So I’m pretty excited.

That’s it. That’s all.

I’m going to try to write more regularly. Insanity does great things to a body and a mind and I’m grateful to have continued with it, and not gotten hurt (knock wood, Grace of God), this time.

Let’s keep the streak alive!

Thanks for reading!

www.52weeksofamazing.tumblr.com - my amazing life


www.myshakeology.com/kataveryheart - drinking strawberry shakeology!

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Great America … the Modern Family

May ….

I can’t believe it’s May. I know I keep saying that but it’s totally true. And May (or April!) mean Great America.  Every year CDW rents out Great America and I go on the hunt early for tickets. This year a host of friends came through again and we hit the park with Evan, his friend Brody, his brother Antonio, HIS friend Jeff, Antonio and Evan’s Mom Stacy, Aaron and Bruce, my parents, and my nephew Liam. Whew! Just typing that is a lot! But it’s SO much fun!

Well. For the most part.

It was a ton of fun running around, chasing the sun, and not standing in line going on rides. Bruce and I hit up the Eagle and Rolling Thunder – then tried for Batman but his SHOULDERS are too big! Seriously. It was amazing to feel the difference between last year and this year – we’ve lost so much weight and feel like very different people.

And then exhaustion hit. For Aaron.

He was so tired. And wanted to run. And wanted to sit with his cousin in the wagon.

Finally he crashed, sleeping hard for a while in the stroller.

On the other side of the park Evan was being conned onto the Eagle – being told that the 130 foot drop was only 30 feet. He lived to tell the tale, with lips spread in glee, and then retreated to the safety of the Little Dipper (stolen from Kiddieland).

So fun.

I can’t wait until our very modern family makes it back. Now that we all have season passes.

Of course I did head home, order pizza, and crash. A two year old and Great America = Exhaustion!


But fun

Last night was the Avengers premiere with Bruce Averyheart and Matt Tuttle. Such a great movie and great friends.


And we’re still working out every day, waiting for the Warrior Dash in June and signed up for the Half Marathon in January in Disney.

It’s a Good Life!

Thanks for reading,




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menu options

blah blah blah I worked out this morning. Insanity Cardio Circuit.

Has anyone noticed that menu options in restaurants for kids really (REALLY) suck? I seem to remember being a kid and having my parents split an entree for my sister and me. As a parent on one child, however, that isn’t an option. An 18 month old, less so. We feed him, at present, off of our plates. As he gets older paying an adult price seems less than fair, but I refuse to feed him a steady diet of burger, hot dog, or chicken tenders (oh yes, don’t forget the pasta with none too pleasant marinara sauce if we’re lucky).

Why do we think kids don’t have taste buds? The other day we went to Applebee’s ( I know - ranks right up there with Red Lobster in my book, but whatever, Bruce likes it) and he ate

- Shrimp and tomatoes with some spicy seasoning and zucchini

- Steak and fetteccini with some (different) seasonings

We don’t eat out every day (we went all day yesterday without going into a restaurant!) but is it wrong to want good, healthy options for our kids along with a little spice so they don’t grow up thinking burgers are the only thing to eat?

The workout was fantastic, by the way. Now if I could figure out the eating thing to go along with it, I’d be set. I’m having a great time working out with bruce and that makes it easier to get up and get moving so early in the morning.

Happy Monday! Thanks for reading!


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Insanity Thoughts

Yesterday was day 3 and today was day 4. Cardio Recovery. All sorts of stretching and moving and planks and planks with two leg hover and one to oblique. Repeat x16. Then squat pulse x16 and mini pulse (held down low) x16. Oh yeah, I feel recovered. And sore.

Tomorrow is pure cardio.

The amazing thing is - I can do it. Most of it.

When I was at 245 and had just had Aaron (maybe 235?) I never thought I would lose the weight. I was so fat and so depressed and felt so awful. Like I should just keep eating ice creat and pizza. And now here I am, looking to do more, be more, stretch more.

It’s pretty awesome.

If you feel like you can’t - do it anyway.

I’m not sure how I did this at 200 pounds or 220. I can’t wait to do it lighter.


Thanks for reading,




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Insanity Day 1

Oh My Goodness

The only thing that got me up and moving this morning was the fact that Bruce was up and moving. Seriously. Otherwise I was quite content to stay under the covers and sleep. For like another hour. 4:00 in the morning is an UNGODLY hour to work out. And once you make up your mind to do so it’s one of those things that can be completely changed with a set of crisp sheets.

But Bruce got up. So I got up.

Ugh. www.dsafitness.tumblr.com I love you, but I hate you.

I saw the dvd that was in and my first reaction was “The first day isn’t Plyo!” but apparently it is. That seemed unfair then and it seems unfair now. As my thighs burn. But I’ll be honest, It’s a lot more fair on THIS side, at 8:03 when my workout is DONE and I can eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee in postworkout bliss.

How was it?

Insanity was hard 30 pounds ago. It is harder now, somehow. But this time I can do more of it. Push myself harder. I think because of running and my enhanced cardio stamnina. So I don’t get as many breaks and my form - while still not great in some places - is better. Although at the end I always break. Shaun T always breaks me. There will be a point, sometime, when he won’t. But right now, he still does.

So … yeah. Plyo was successful. and I got through the warm up without stopping. To those of you who say so what, it’s just a warm up, I dare you to try it. Really. Dare you.

Go for it.

I love Insanity. Keep sweating!




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Insanity Take Two

Hello World!

There is a lot going on in our life. I am starting a new position at work that comes with 3 months of training (and alternating locations for those three months). Bruce is starting a new job. And we’ve been looking at opening a fitness business. In addition, I have been wanting to go back to school for a while and one of my best friends is going back to school in the fall and suggested I go with her.

Fitness, Faith, and Family are the cores of my life but lately I feel like I’ve been slipping away from a regular routine – and for any of those that’s not a great thing. You need not only a love for what you do, but a place in which to do it, a practice, to see the love borne out. This is why the faithful gather at Mass and have Bible Study. Why the pilgrims visit Mecca. And why I’ve decided to do Insanity with Bruce.

On the Faith and Family front there are other measures in place. A Bible Study with a friend, time where I need to put away the laptop and just be with my sons and husband. But this is a Fitness blog, so I’m trying to stay focused.

My workouts are now going to take place (at least for the next 60 days) at 4 in the morning. Why!?!? You exclaim in horror. And I answer – because I don’t want to take away from family time, and because I need to work out in order to be healthy, physically and mentally. In addition, if I work out at 4, I have a partner. Bruce will do it with me. Score! Accountability is so great. This morning I was all about not wanting to do the Fit Test but he said we should get it over with, and so we did. And mentally I’m much more prepared for the day because of that. Thanks www.dsafitness.tumblr.com J I love you.

This morning was the Fit Test.

Warm up

8 exercises

Cool down.

Switch Kicks        110

Power Jacks       35

Power Knees     75

Power Jumps     25

Globe Jumps      5

Suicide Jumps    11

Push Ups (jacks) 7

Plank Climbers  60

I know that as I move on some of them will go up, but the switch kicks will go down because my form will get better, etc. I’m looking forward to getting all the way through Insanity this time – hopefully because my feet are stronger from running and turbo (Yay me!) and I’m going to do it in shoes and not barefoot.

So that’s me on this perfect Monday morning. About to head into work for the first day of training for the new gig. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous, a little excited, and a little – well – just glad that after two months of waiting for today to be here, it’s here and we’re starting. In preparation for today I’ve been cranky at home, I’ve been nervous, I’ve gotten three certifications, and I’ve read a lot about the subject matter. And I’m still looking forward to starting from ground zero.

So there you have it. Just another Monday morning from Kat.

Happy Monday!

www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart   want to do insanity or just get shakeology? Click here!

www.52weeksofamazing.tumblr.com see what we’re up to!

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Last night I ran.

30 degrees. Wind.

I ran.

3.18 miles. 38 minutes.

I gotta tell you, it was perfect for what ailed me. The anger, the hate. The fear that had been building up inside of me since reading the news yesterday.

I ran.

and I felt better.

There is something about being a self propelled shadow while everyone else is scurrying home in gasoline fueled hogs of cars (I drive one, I know). Something pure in each step, each cold air inhaled breath.

I ran.

And I found God.

Try it. Need inspiration? Join my team. I’m here. Every day. Tonight I run again. It’s all about dressing for it. After the first half mile it wasn’t cold. After the first mile my breathing was regulated. The only thing that sucked was having to stop to go to the washroom at 2.33 miles. Then having to refind the pace. But I did.

And I ran.


I got in shape by doing P90x, some of Insanity, and TurboFire. You can too. Message me for details.

Thanks for reading!



www.halhigdon.com (Novice 1 marathon training program)

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Insanity Injuries; Turbo Fire

I haven’t worked out all week. I’ve slept late and eaten not great and I feel great … rested and better and … well, not great. I’m feeling FAT.

The doctor told me if I do Insanity I’m at risk for a foot fracture and since I have NO desire for that, I’m going to do Turbo Fire instead. I can do that. starting Monday.

So … I should start watching what I’m eating again … I don’t think this week will kill me but I know from experience that Chalene is NOT Shaun T and 400 calories burned is NOT 1000. Oh well. At least I can walk :-)

Thanks for reading - see you Monday!



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Doctor ..

Tomorrow I’m going to a sports doctor and I can’t say I’m thrilled about it. I’ve been waking up and sleeping late and looking longingly at my workout dvds … well, at some work out dvds. As much as I miss Shaun T I can’t say that I LONG to be out of breath - what I’m missing is the feeling when you’re done that you’ve DONE something big. That you’ve accomplished something not that many other people can.

And maybe they wouldn’t want to, but hey - that’s what life is all about!

Hopefully he’ll say it was all psychosomatic and I’m good to work out. At worst I’ll need some new shoes and have to stop working out barefoot (cross my fingers, knock on wood, grace of God).

At best I’ll come home and work out.

Either way, tomorrow is going to be a great day :-) How are your workouts going?

Thanks for reading!



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Making Lemonade

Where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing.

First of all, I haven’t not worked out … well, not entirely. Since Thursday October 13th when I did Max Recovery though – I haven’t done any insanity workouts. And that SUCKS. I was on such a great run!! This is my schedule;

Friday – Off Day

Saturday – Turbo Fire: Fire 30

Sunday – Off Day

Monday – Turbo Fire: Fire 30, Stretch 10

And here’s the why. On Friday I mentioned that the inner arch of my left foot has been bothering me. Then on Saturday morning I got up, worked out, and walked around a flea market for a few hours. After a while both of my feet were hurting. On Sunday both my feet hurt. On Monday they were feeling better until after working out and moving around … so …

I’m doing a low impact version of Turbo Fire – basically killing it on arms and shoulders, chest, etc. But I’m taking it easy on the jumps and running – still doing it, but making it softer so that I’m not hurting as badly. Because I want to keep going. It’s killing me that I’m not able to do Insanity right now. Oh – and in addition – I seem to have gotten a cold.


On the other hand, I went to court yesterday and, of course, I had Aaron with me. After 15 minutes of hearing my extremely social one year old talk to everyone, wave to everyone, and play peek a boo with the women who started playing with him (they started it!) – the judge dismissed my ticket and kicked us out. Aaron waved goodbye to everyone as we left. Definitely one of the two highlights of my day. The other was taking him to the library for the first time. He was in LOVE with all the books, and crawled around looking at them, touching them, and paging through them. We eventually picked out three to take home and are working through them now.

So … a mixed bag – but while I’m off of my workout schedule and doing what I CAN, I’m going to focus on eating better. This morning is oatmeal with black coffee and water. A little later I’ll have a shakeology and lunch will be chicken or turkey in a whole wheat or spinach wrap with lots of veggies. There’s plenty of variety – it’s just finding the meal plan that works for you!

Thanks for reading!



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