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Insanity Day 1

Oh My Goodness

The only thing that got me up and moving this morning was the fact that Bruce was up and moving. Seriously. Otherwise I was quite content to stay under the covers and sleep. For like another hour. 4:00 in the morning is an UNGODLY hour to work out. And once you make up your mind to do so it’s one of those things that can be completely changed with a set of crisp sheets.

But Bruce got up. So I got up.

Ugh. www.dsafitness.tumblr.com I love you, but I hate you.

I saw the dvd that was in and my first reaction was “The first day isn’t Plyo!” but apparently it is. That seemed unfair then and it seems unfair now. As my thighs burn. But I’ll be honest, It’s a lot more fair on THIS side, at 8:03 when my workout is DONE and I can eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee in postworkout bliss.

How was it?

Insanity was hard 30 pounds ago. It is harder now, somehow. But this time I can do more of it. Push myself harder. I think because of running and my enhanced cardio stamnina. So I don’t get as many breaks and my form - while still not great in some places - is better. Although at the end I always break. Shaun T always breaks me. There will be a point, sometime, when he won’t. But right now, he still does.

So … yeah. Plyo was successful. and I got through the warm up without stopping. To those of you who say so what, it’s just a warm up, I dare you to try it. Really. Dare you.

Go for it.

I love Insanity. Keep sweating!




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Max Interval Plyo

Really Shaun T? Really? Push ups and jumps and side thingys with names I don’t know? Really????

First off let me say that anyone with a child should CHERISH the sleep they can get. Anyone with a child AND an alarm that has been beeping off and on for no good reason for FOUR DAYS at one and two and three and four and all hours of the day, should absolutely sleep. Especially when the early morning hours are dark and quiet and peaceful. Sigh.

So at five a.m. when I finally realized that if I didn’t get up, I wouldn’t have TIME to work out, I was a LITTLE unenthusiastic, to say the least. But I did it. Let me just say that Pure Cardio has NOTHING on this workout. Oh … 40 minutes of Cardio seem a little hard? Really? Not so much! Try this … and then, when you’re SPENT? Keep going. And then go a little more. At the end I was toast. And then it was time for work.

The secret to working out though, is to remember that 5 minutes after you’re finished, everything is fantastic. I worked out and my energy was way higher than it had been while I was cozy and curled up. I felt amazing. But during the pushups where I was supposed to balance and push out an arm and a leg? Well … let’s just say I was digging deeper. Wa - aaaaay deeper.

What are you doing?

Thanks for reading!



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Insanity Day …

So remember that whole blog I wrote yesterday about not working out today? Umm yeah. I guess there wasn’t a good rason not to work out. I woke up and looked on the calendar to double check and make SURE I had to do Pure Cardio and … well, it was Plyo. Which was, of course, just what I needed. So I did it. And it was AWESOME. After that we went to the Brookfield Zoo 5k which made me feel and know that there are other walks (with more experience and people and money) that are, on occasion, one might say, disorganized. And the positive vibes continued to flow!

But seriously. I did walk the 5k. With a friend. Chatting. It was a great time. And now I’m exhausted. But I worked out this morning and that wasn’t my intention. And you know what? That’s not addiction. That’s because I’m passed the 21 day mark and working out is now a habit.

That’s where I needed to get and it’ spretty awesome that I’m here. Do you want to get there? Join my team at www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart and follow me at No Mom Jeans (Facebook). Now I’m going to get sleep to get ready to do it all again!

Thanks for reading! Kat



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After the 5k

Zoo Run Early Birds

Turbo Kick Warm Up!

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Insanity Day 9 - Plyo (again!!)

Aaron is teething. He’s also growing. Which means he’s either smiling and playing or complaining about something. Loudly. Lately it seems like more of complaining, less of the smiling and laughing, but of course that’s not true – it just feels like it when you’re tired and sore and …

 Kind of like working out. When you’re in the starting out phase the workout hurts and is difficult and you don’t see results, but as you move through it, get better at it, become accustomed to how it’s going to hurt, and then move into a new phase of it …  nah, because in a good work out, just like in most kids – that’s when everything changes.

 The reality is though, that in workouts just like in growing up, the constant has to be change. Muscle Confusion, the science behind P90x, and the basis behind High Intensity Interval Training, works the same way a new baby does. Your body never really knows what’s coming next – it just has to kind of prepare for it by being in the best shape possible. So if you wouldn’t feed your kids crap, why would you eat it. And vice versa. Nothing annoys me more than parents who are dedicated to the organic lifestyle and then feed their kids McDonald’s because the one thing they don’t have is time to figure out how to get their kids to eat healthy.

 Which isn’t to say I haven’t been known to slip through a drive thru – I have. But I’m not the ideal, I’m a work in progress and I’m far, far FAR from perfect. It’s a day at a time. Every day we get a little closer to better.

 Today was Insanity Plyo. I’ve decided. Pure Cardio is definitely the hardest workout in month one (and I’m terrified of month 2 so let’s not think about that. Better? Okay) The first half of plyo is Pure Cardio abbreviated with breaks – not even close to easy, but better for sure. So, after I realized that, you know what happened? WORKOUT CHANGED AND NO BREAKS.

 And Bruce calls from the next room, “there’s no crying in baseball”. But HA! For him! It was BASKETBALL drills. But the bottom line is there’s no crying in that either, so I got through it (ugly, ugly getting through it) and level one drills, and then it all kind of goes black. It’s like that bad night of drinking where you don’t remember what happened, you just know you kind of collapsed, and then kept going, and then collapsed again?

 Yeah. That’s the end of this workout for me. But I’m getting better and pushing through more each time, and the warm up is getting better. Which means I’m basically running / jogging for 9 minutes. Which is AWESOME. BRING ON THE NEXT 5K!!!!

 And that’s it. That’s all I’ve got. I hope you’re thinking of joining me – either for the Suicide Prevention walk on September 24th (I’ll be one of the girls onstage) www.outofthedarkness.org – no charge to sign up and it’s a quick walk, with food and drink (snacks) provided as well as music. I won’t be walking because I’m hosting, but I’ll be there. Then on the 25th I’ll be at Brookfield’s 5k with Aaron and Bruce. Check out Bruce’s blog for www.dsafitness.tumblr.com – he’s ditching my suicide prevention walk in favor of the Metro Dash (madness) – so look at that one!

 Or join my team! www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart and thanks as always for reading!



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Insanity Day 6

Wow. Day 6.  That’s like waking up and realizing that even though you feel like the year just started, it’s actually September and your little baby is actually 11 months old.

Wait …

There will never be a better day than today to start something. Every day we don’t start something, another day passes. And every day the day passes, we spend it wishing something else was happening. That we were getting thinner or richer or were in a different job or had spent more time with our family or – whatever.

If I hadn’t started working out when I did I know I would be sitting on the couch watching Bruce work out and wishing that I could do what he was doing. Now that’s silly on a number o flevels – number one because he’s massive and I’ll never be able to do exactly what he’s doing J but number two because the first step in any journey is the exactly that. The first one.

I hurt my arm yesterday. We were horsing around in the kitchen before dinner and I pushed into him, which, again, is silly, because his chest and arms are – literally – a wall of muscle. It’s just stupid. I mean there are sneakier ways to try and get at him. Jumping on his back for instance (and no, this is not a cry for help). Anyway, my arm hurt like I had strained it and so this morning while I was working out I was cautious with it. And that’s okay.

Starting out caution is a good thing. You haven’t worked out in a while? Be cautious. Have bad knees, wrists, arms, shoulders? Be cautious. Be careful. Talk to a doctor. Nervous about shakeology? Check it out. Or eat different things.

But get up off of the couch and do something.

Because in four months from now, when we’re going somewhere or doing something because we’re fit enough to do it, don’t sit and read the blog and wish you could. Be able to do it too. Life is more fun when you participate.

 Even if it means you’re up and doing Insanity at 5:00 in the morning.

Thanks for reading!



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