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Insanity Day 1

Oh My Goodness

The only thing that got me up and moving this morning was the fact that Bruce was up and moving. Seriously. Otherwise I was quite content to stay under the covers and sleep. For like another hour. 4:00 in the morning is an UNGODLY hour to work out. And once you make up your mind to do so it’s one of those things that can be completely changed with a set of crisp sheets.

But Bruce got up. So I got up.

Ugh. www.dsafitness.tumblr.com I love you, but I hate you.

I saw the dvd that was in and my first reaction was “The first day isn’t Plyo!” but apparently it is. That seemed unfair then and it seems unfair now. As my thighs burn. But I’ll be honest, It’s a lot more fair on THIS side, at 8:03 when my workout is DONE and I can eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee in postworkout bliss.

How was it?

Insanity was hard 30 pounds ago. It is harder now, somehow. But this time I can do more of it. Push myself harder. I think because of running and my enhanced cardio stamnina. So I don’t get as many breaks and my form - while still not great in some places - is better. Although at the end I always break. Shaun T always breaks me. There will be a point, sometime, when he won’t. But right now, he still does.

So … yeah. Plyo was successful. and I got through the warm up without stopping. To those of you who say so what, it’s just a warm up, I dare you to try it. Really. Dare you.

Go for it.

I love Insanity. Keep sweating!




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Running Sick

Im not going to use this as an excuse, but I did come down with the flu on Sunday night. So perhaps if that doesn’t happen on my next half, it will be possible to finish. Oh and my legs won’t feel like glue. Still. The whole thing was incredible and I’m glad I didn’t know how sick I was going to get or I might not have done it. So .. We press on. Next ,outta in only looks like a little hill now ;)

Chalenes yoga (stretch 40) yesterday. Today is all about sleep.

Thanks for reading!


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Get Lucky Half Marathon … 11K

So I signed up for a 21K in March in Chicago. Have you ever been to Chicago in March? It’s usually in the 40s. There’s a chance of snow. If we’re lucky it’s sixty but a cool sixty.


So yesterday I prayed and asked God for no rain (running or walking in rain sucks). God answers prayers, I have a sunburn to prove it. And I’m sure all the people enjoying Lake Michigan yesterday appreciated the sun and 80 degree weather. But running 13.1 miles in it was just too much.

and that sucks.

I started off strong. The loop around museum campus is hilly. All ups and downs and I charged it. I didn’t even feel like that, but I did know I was going a little too fast. I thought that I had done maybe 3, 4 miles. The 2 mile sign made me cry. Well it would have if I hadn’t have been dehydrated at that point. By the time I got to the water / gatorade stop I was SO thirsty. I grabbed something to drink and any inkling that I had to use the bathroom was GONE. Like SO two miles ago. At about 4 miles I started feeling nauseous and light headed. But the lower distance was 7k (4.3 miles) and I knew I could at least do that. At 5 miles I passed another water station with a medic and considered stopping (the hot cold thing you get when you’re sick was getting kind of bad) but after pausing and realizing that at 1.15 hours I wasn’t doing that badly (for me) I kept on.

At that point I was last on the course but heat is totally not my thing and with only a few hundred people on the course I knew that was likely. It was at that moment I made a decision to run my race and stop competing with anyone else. In my head I thought “competing - you’ve already lost!” but it didn’t matter. I turned up my music (yeah I was running to music completely ill suited but that’s another story) and kept on.

At the 7 mile mark I got some water and decided I had to stop, but the turn around was just ahead (7.2 miles) and I wanted to make it there. So I jogged up to that, went through and came back to the 7 mile to turn myself in. 7.5 miles in all, about 1.45 hours. Not horrible considering the heat and today I’m SO sore. and sunburned. I had totally forgotted my suntan lotion in the car, of course.

I’m proud of myself for stopping because I’m pretty sure it would have been worse to keep going - and it definately was a dose of humility to stop. That being said, I’m downgrading to the half marathon training (duh) and hoping to run through some of this heat so I’m ready for the May 5th marathon in Kenosha. I am definately more found of cool running but with summer here early, all I can say is BRING IT!

Thanks for reading,


PS I took the finisher’s medal. Not for the 21k (half) but because I definately beat the 7k. So now I have 3 medals from Team Ortho. One for the Monster Dash 5k that Amy, Jon, and I walked with Aaron, one for the Polar Dash Bruce and I ran (5k), and one for my custom 11k :-)


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Run baby Run

Mass Effect 3 comes out today

which means when I get home tonight, Bruce is not going to want to run with me “Hey - I already did that!” he’ll say. and he won’t want to watch the baby … “Baby it’s MASS EFFECT!” plus I’ll be tired … (last night) “Baby, are you awake” - clock clicks to 2:32 a.m. … me “I am now”.

So this morning i ran. It was a balmy 38 degrees with a LOT of wind, some sun starting to peek out and … oh, did I mention the wind that always seemed to be in my face? My cool GPS watch that I’m going to return wasn’t turned on and my phone gps wasn’t started so I glanced at the time. 6:16 a.m. When I finished it was 6:52 a.m. 36 minutes. Not bad for 3.19 miles (tracked previously).

Early (3 a.m.) I had done Stretch 40 - but that didn’t make this an easy run. There was the wind. And the cold air making my side hurt. Then the fact I took the first mile a little too fast. I was able to make it up by slowing on the following mile, and just taking it slow and long … long and slow. It’s all about stride, all about pace. One foot in front of the other. By the time I got home my ears were burning and my fingers were wishing for gloves. Next time I’ll remember to suit up AND show up! Happy Tuesday!


join me in working out and training for the Chicago Marathon (and Get Lucky 1/2 Marathon!) www.52weeksofamazing.tumblr.com and tell me the story of your amazing life!

Thanks for reading!

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I’m getting a little tired, but the XL black coffee and water and food I’m consuming are helping to hold the fatigue at bay. I made a last minute decision and ran at the gym before work. 3 miles on the treadmill, tracked on the brand new, super fancy MotoActv. That I do not love because it does not (despite SUPER MISLEADING PACKAGING) have a heart rate monitor.

I’m getting a less fancy Garmin. This is like the Apple of watches. I want an IBM.

The 3 miles was good. About 35 minutes and change. I ran a straight 2 miles, maybe a little more, fast walked a bit to get some water, then jogged the rest. Weirdly I get my stride about a mile in, but at 3 - BAM - I feel AWESOME. I’m really excited for 10 on Saturday. I want to see what I have.

Started tracking calories on Fatsecret.com again because I’d like to lose some weight as long as I’m doing this? It’s funny - because tracking = changed behavior. I ordered a salad. I never do that. It’s yummy, with chicken and artichokes and such, but still odd.

Anyway … hope your day is good. Remember. Work out, eat right, drink coffee, and don’t forget the s’mores

kiss kiss



www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart  (be like me!)


Only 3 more weeks ‘til 1/2 Marathon!!!

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Run … Workout … Rinse, Repeat

Yesterday we got up at 5 after being awake since 4 and ran. Out the door, down the street, around the block. 6.5 miles in about 1.25 hours. It felt amazing. My knee started hurting at some point but I think that’s a result of doing too much. Nowhere in Hal Higdon’s plan does it say “Add extreme plyo” so I think I will stick to the plan and do P90x2 but add stretching and yoga instead of Plyo.

Today was Day 1 of Week 3 of Month 2 of P90x2. I busted through it and realized how not strong I still am (whoop whoop!) but I’m getting there. I can not do so much more than I COULD but still have so much farther to GO.

Slowly grasshopper, slowly … at least Tony’s jokes are still funny …

I think that’s it. Tomorrow is a run day and the first Plyo I’m skipping (enter sad face here) - be sure to check out how it works out. I rumble rolled my knees yesterday and they feel much better. I’m going to do it again tonight.

Thanks for reading!




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Plyo & Running

It’s V Day! We don’t celebrate at our house, but I hope wherever you are you woke up as happy as I did and as cuddled next to the one you love J

It was 4 when I woke up at at 4:45 I snuck out of bed and pressed play on plyocide. Aaron woke up just as it was ending and together we kissed Daddy goodbye. This week I have to say, Plyocide got harder. I was a little winded and I think it’s because I was able to give it a little more OOMPH than in previous weeks. One thing I noticed is that I’m able to do push ups deeper and more effectively than before. No, there aren’t push ups in plyocide, but if you tap your toe on some of the exercises (and I did), then you do push ups as punishment. 5 on 2 exercises later, I was amazed at my burgeoning strength.

Now today is the first run since the two we’ve missed and stepping out into the morning Aaron and I were hushed. A snow had fallen that was so light, and so clean it took our collective breath away. I sketched a quick “I love Aaron” in the window of the car and then we were off to work. In the back of my head was the thought “it’s so early, maybe I can run at the work gym”. The thought of running was just exciting to me. The idea of the ground beneath my feet, the pounding. The movement. Of course inside isn’t as good, but at least it would be something.

We moved through the morning and arrived super early, just like I had woken up. And Aaron was so happy, he just scampered into the classroom and started to play. So I went to the gym (in the same facility) and ran. Treadmill. 3 miles. But I ran all of it except about 2 minutes somewhere in the third mile. About 35 minutes later I stopped and hopped in the shower, then re dressed for work. I’m not going to lie, treadmill running is harder for me than outside running, but I felt amazing. I cannot wait for tomorrow to run the four miles.

Maybe a little slower J but still, exciting.

How is your day? Ready for your work out – or – maybe, like me – by 8 a.m. you were already on your way to work, done with working out. Join my team and we can keep each other accountable! www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart (tropical shakeology is out!)

Thanks for reading!


www.52weeksofamazing.tumblr.com (it’s week 7 already!)

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