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Turbo Fire 45, Santa 5k … Gotta Post before I Fall Over!

This morning I woke up with the thought that I would not work out. After all, today is December third and that means it’s the annual Running of the Santas! 4,000 in the run downtown and 1,300 in the one out here, where we are. We had signed up for the one in the burbs and - save extreme weather - we were planning to head out. Typically on run days (and for me they’ve been more walk / jog days) - I don’t work out. One or the other, right? That three miles is pretty good … right? Well today I looked out the window and it was a little icky. I thought I might not be able to work out. Plus I was tired. I needed the energy boost from working out. So I pushed play and got to it.

Rock On!

Well … a few hours later I found myself at the starting line for the Santa 5k. This time Bruce pushed the stroller and I ran unencumbered. For the first mile I took it slow, but after that I opened up. While we kept to a pretty relaxed pace, I felt AMAZING when I was done. I went about 40 minutes for the 5k - which is the same as my fastest time - and the feeling was miles different. I could easily breathe. I could have kept going. I wanted to. I was singing and talking and thanking people.


I can’t wait for the next run.

Not that I’m going to go out and do it again … you know … without a Santa suit for incentive :-)

After that I headed to a friends for an organic / natural food type party. I was cynical and unsure but it was a ton of fun and I’m so glad I got to spend time with those friends. Now I’m exhausted and am waiting for a cake to finish. Once it’s done, off to bed. Can’t wait for tomorrow and all the great stuff a new day can bring.

Are you looking forward to tomorrow or dreading it? If you’re not sure - maybe you want to join my team!

Thanks for reading!



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Honey, the Baby Killed my Diet!

Have you ever noticed that when you go low carb you can smell every piece of bread? Every grain? Every hop in every beer? Even after one day of no carbs or sugar, everything becomes heightened. And if you didn’t realize before how many carbs you ate, you will realize how much you miss them.

I noticed it this morning when I nearly swooned making my sons baggie of shredded wheat. Sugar and wheat? Oh my … it’s like … heaven in a ziploc. Yesterday I gave in and had one. Today I stoicly sealed the bag until we got in the car, then handed one back to him. Of course after drinking www.myshakeology.com/kataveryheart life got better - but still …

it’s amazing how having a kid will derail my diet. It’s so easy to say, just one crust. Just a mini shredded wheat. Just a little chicken tender, some french fries.

This morning I did TurboFire 55EZ, had a Shakeology, and followed that up a few hours later with an egg white scramble and greek yogurt. Now there’s water and coffeee - but I’ve gotta be honest. I’m going to search out some celery pretty soon. This whole no carb thing is NOT my favorite thing. If I hadn’t started seeing results as of … immediately … it definately would not be happening!

Oh well! Let’s kick it into high gear, have some celery, and put on a smile. At least we can make good decisions today. What decisions are you making to better yourself??

Thanks for reading!



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HIIT 20 & Sculpt 30

This is my fourth week of Turbo Fire and so far I am loving the results as much as the workout. My clothes fit better, I feel slimmer and more toned. In general I just feel more positive about things and I think that’s because every morning I’m in front of someone who is smiley and bubbly and tells me “I’m NOT Tired!!” and you know? I’m not.

I LOVE HIIT 20. HIIT 15 is too short and HIIT 25 - while awesome - is super intense. HIIT 20 is perfect. This morning it felt like someone was running a freight train over my lungs, so I was definately working harder than I have in the past. That and the fact that Aaron woke up wheezing makes me believe our house is incredibly dry and that might contribute to the extra wheezing I did … but whatever. It was a great workout. Then we got into sculpt. Now form is the most important part of any workout. It’s a fact. You can do 100 reps of something but if you do them incorrectly, you’re not doing anything important. Fortunately Bruce was there to fix my mistakes. Unfortunately I’m not open to criticism in the middle of a workout because then I miss the next move … hmmm … perhaps I need to work on this.

I’m adding a blog a day into my blogging to talk about the assignments from PUSH - Chalene’s new book, so look for that. But in the meantime, let’s just enjoy the fact that I’m done working out for today and I’ve been working for about 2 hours now. Aaron and I are home today because of said wheezing (although since he’s had liquids he sounds much better), and we’re hanging out. He’s playing the bongos and the keyboard, and coloring on the ipad (not with the pen Aaron!) and I’m working.

What have you done so far today? Want to make the day more productive? Ask me how! Message me or join my team for free at www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart

Thanks for reading!



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i workOUT!!

Executive Decision .. I am doing at least three months of Chalene. Potentially more. Which means that, in January, I’m not going to rush off and do P90X 2 with everyone else. I’m going to wait for everyone else to kill themselves and then do it once there are tips available. See? I’m smart like that. Also - I’m having FUN working out. I really really am. This morning I was talking to Bruce about it and I told him that for the first time since I started to work out again I am legitimately looking forward to waking up and working out. With Insanity I loved the feeling I got after. It’s fantastic and I will get back to it. P90X too. But right now I KNOW Chalene’s workout is giving me the body I want and I’m LOVING working out. So why SHOULDN’T I do it??

If you are working out and NOT loving it, drop what you’re doing and RUN to get Turbo Fire. Then work out with me. Today was HIIT 20 and Stretch 10 and within 2 minutes (or 20 seconds) I was INTO it. I wanted the music. I wanted to BE Chalene. I got her Car Set and have been listening to her in the car. Because I’ve been through a lot in my life her series isn’t revolutionary to me - I know how to be introspective and take care of myself, but if you’ve NEVER been to therapy or done any sort of self work, you should. And even if you have, you should. Because it’s NEVER too late to live your best life. It’s Bruce’s 38th Birthday today and he looks better today than he did when we got married 4 years ago. And you know what? So do I.

Our son walked between us this morning and I could feel the click. Us. Our son. God. The only thing missing was Evan and he’ll be here this weekend. God is SO GOOD!!

Do you need to get in shape? Are you looking for that element that’s missing from your life? The workout, the fun, the SOMETHING? Message me if you have questions or what to get in shape. I’m happy to share MY story with you. Don’t wait. Make a move on behalf of YOU today.

Thanks for reading!



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Turbo Fire Update … Week 3

I’m a horrible blogger! No wonder I’ve never kept a journal with any sort of consistancy … I think that’s my favorite thing about this sort of medium. Even when you’re inconsistant, you’re still consistant. For instantance, even when I haven’t written a word you can still see my work outs and those are a sort of journal all their own.

Today is 11/11/11 and I’m doing 45 EZ and 10 minute stretch. This week I’ve worked out Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I’m getting back into the swing of things after being sick and remembering that one of the things I love love love about Chalene is how much she makes me LOVE working out. Even when I’m not looking forward to working out, I get into a TF routine and I’m all about it. It is a PARTY! And we’re all invited. It’s a good feeling.

So … that’s the update. This weekend I need to sit down and really look at money and food, then figure out how to manage both of them better. Step one for me is to ORGANIZE. That means writing down everything I spend (we were supposed to be doing this last week and I flaked, so starting again on Monday), and knowing everything that goes into my mouth. A workout is great but eating healthy has to be a part of it.

Yesterday I took a bit step on behalf of myself. I ordered CHalene’s new book PUSH in e reader format (enhanced) which gets me the hardcover as well. And then I got the car series too, which means I got to start listening yesterday to some fantastic information. I am a confident person but I can always learn more, especially from someone who has built an empire based on her expertise and personality. I WANT TO DO THAT!

Have questions? Want to be Chalene ? (me too) - or join my accountability group? www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart or message me. I can’t wait to work with you and help both of us get into the best LIVES of our LIVES.

Talk to you soon!





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Core 20 Stretch 40

So far the one complaint I have about Turbo Fire is that all of the work outs are broken up into two (or a lot of them are), so right in the middle you lose the continuity of the workout. On the good side, it’s structured so that you don’t really lose time and the second workout is on the same DVD so it’s not like it takes forever to get to the next workout. Also - since for most of them the second workout is a 10 minute stretch, there’s not a warm up, they pre suppose you’re “Warm”. So that’s not bad.

Tody was Core 20 and Stretch 40. Two entirely separate workouts really - although they do complement each other. I enjoyed both. Although I didn’t run the 5k yesterday, I’m sore today. I think walking in heels for 3 miles might have been more tiring than at first I realized. Let me preface by saying that Bruce woke me up at 4:30 this morning to tell me about his dream of making out with Debbie Gibson and I just didn’t go back to sleep, so when I started working out I had True Blue going through my mind and was wondering what I was thinking. It is Sunday after all.

Once I got into the workout however I was really into it. First moving with core and then Stretch, which is really 20 minutes of Yoga and then 20 more of - well - stretching, and ending with a 2 or 3 minute meditation. I appreciated her yoga more than Tony’s because each movement didn’t necessitate going back through a vinyasa, chataranga and back up. We held the full rotation three times and then went on. I finished feeling, as the woman says, refreshed and ready to go on.

After working out we headed out into the morning for breakfast and then to Target, then to Pumpkin carving (Aaron’s first pumpkin!) with cousin’s Liam, Morgan, and Taylor, Aunt Amy, Uncle Jay, Grandma and Grandpa. It’s 3:30 now and we’re all exhausted, sitting at home and watching football.

It’s been a good weekend. I’m wearing my P90x shirt … I really feel grateful. None of this would be possible without that kick start. So thanks Tony! See you in January!

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Turbo Fire : Fire EZ 55

After this workout I am SO glad to be getting new kicks today. Yeah, I said it. Let it sink in a bit. Honestly though - EZ55 is a great workout, a lot of upper body work, ab work, and kicking, but it also incorporates plyo and whatever it is, it makes my foot hurt. Maybe I’m just getting old. But whatever it is, I’m going to fight it and go to Dick Pond’s later today to get fitted for some shoes with more support than Vibrams. Sorry minimalist lovers (www.dsafitness.tumblr.com) They were great for a while but the more I get into these workouts and the less I run the more I need something that will force me to balance and a lack of support just doesn’t do it for me at this point, although I have to tell you, I’m hoping to get back to these shoes at some point. They’re comfortable and I love them. Right now, however, I don’t want to risk a stress fracture. I don’t like people telling me I told you so BUT I don’t not want to work out, so the shoes are a middle ground. I hope they work.

I have to say, in Turbo Fire Chalene seems a lot more Michigan than Southern Cali. Maybe in Turbo Jam she got her following and here she’s letting it all hang out. Who knows. Although with the earrings and long here, her entire class look like they are auditioning for the Real Housewives of Women’s Workout World. Or maybe it’s just me …

If I can look half that good, I’ll be happy - but I’m well on my way. People keep mentioning how thin I look, which is kind of concerning. I’m not actually losing weight (except for the week where I didn’t work out) - I’m just working out. I don’t want to only lose weight, I want to be healthy and fit. To me too thin looks sick. But I have a LONG way to go before that happens, lets be honest. So I’ll sit back, soak it in, and not worry.

Thanks as always for reading. What are you doing to lose weight and be healthy? Want to work out with me? Join my team at www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart. Then you too can work out and blog and have a screaming child in the background. It’s awesome.


www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart (i was joking about the child … mostly)


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Turbo Fire 3 & 4

Day 3 of Turbo Fire is a rest day which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, but I think I’ll appreciate on Day 19 or 30 or whatever. I thought about skipping it but I kind of felt like I needed it, so in the Rest Day stayed. Day 4 was Fire 30 and Stretch 10 again and - just like every Chalene workout - the more I do it, the more I LOVE it. Since dancing has never been my strong suit, it takes a few times of working through a routine until I’ve really got it. But once I’ve got it, wow do the moves do something to me. And the more I move, the more I’m glad to be doing these BEFORE the certification class next week. Way to go body for intuiting this need before I did! After a great workout and stretch (it still feels weird, stretching out my rotator cuffs, but I’ll do it!) it’s time for dropping Aaron off and for work. He’s been a little more clingy than before but everything I’ve read says this is normal. Sucky but normal. Sucky especially since, as soon as I step out of daycare, the clinging little monkey who is sobbing and begging me not to go, sits at the table calmly eating fruit and pancakes or fruit and cereal. He doesn’t even drop them off the floor, then calmly look up as though to say, “what? what are you gonna do?” OR this morning when we were doing his breathing treatment and he SCREAMED for five minutes straight (the better to inhale with my dear!) and then looked up at me and gave me this smile like “oh yeah, I know what I’m doing” and then went BACK TO SCREAMING. What IS that? Apparently THIS is a temper tantrum. And welcome to it. So the stretching. and the Fire 30. and the stretching are a much welcome 40 minutes in my day. A way to calm myself to deal with work, to love my ever changing, wriggling, super strong Hulk of a 1 year old, and to work on me. As I sit here with my Starbucks I have to admit, I love my life. Are you loving yours? Thanks for reading! K www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart join my team! www.thesimplificationproject.tumblr.com

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Turbo Fire; days 1 & 2

After going to the doctor I made a decision I would start Turbo Fire this week. So it’s the end of October and I’m starting a new workout. Usually I would take Bruce’s advice and wait until the beginning of November but to be honest I didn’t like how comfortable I started feeling NOT blogging and NOT working out and started feeling like I might go on like that indefinately, in a haze of holiday cookies and candy, until it was January 1st and I was 30 pounds heavier and suddenly miserable. UGH!

So instead I started Turbo Fire and, as of today, am relaunching my Blog.

I am modifying Turbo Fire because my feel actually hurt today (it’s the jumping), at least until Friday when I can get new shoes. Which is to say, for the jumping part, I’ll be keeping my feet MAINLY on the floor. I don’t have any desire to go back to the doctor and have him say “I told you so” and I very much want to work out with Aaron and not at the gym as he suggested. Like today I worked out and Aaron twined around my legs as I stretched. That’s exactly why I work out at home. It’s nice when he sleeps through but when he doesn’t I can improvise and things are good.

The workout itself is like Insanity Lite - at least so far - but I can definately feel the work out. And since I know it’s Insanity LITE I also know I can’t eat as much as I was with Insanity, which means I’m likely to eat better than I was. I’ll keep you posted on that front. I’m just not in the mood to eat light or too well - although to be fair to myself and my body, I am eating LOADS better than I was and with the advent of Bruce’s not eating meatism (cop out - I couldn’t manage to spell vegetarianism for some reason) - I’ve been eating much less red meat and the things that go along with that. I am, however, craving steak. So I’m likely to cave soon, but for instance, Sunday morning I discovered that Aaron LOVES black beans because we had beans and eggs with salsa for breakfast with whole wheat waffles or whole wheat tortillas and fruit. Not bad …

So - as always - it’s a work in progress. and - as always - Shakeology gives me the vegetables I otherwise miss out on. Today I’m working from home then going in for a dinner with some vendors. I’m not thrilled to be going in but it will get me that steak I’m missing …

Thanks as always for reading and remember to log into www.teambeachbody.com/kataveryheart and sign up for your free Beachbody account to track your workouts and food goals. I do!




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Day Off … Injuries

A few days ago the inner arch of my left foot started hurting. So this morning Aaron and I slept in. All the way until 6:45. Then we scrambled to get up … now I’m googling Insanity injuries and conjuring shoes that will keep me safe while I jump and leap and generally Max Interval it .. tomorrow.

Enjoy the golden days of fall - today is a beautiful one with the leaves and sun and cool winds. Sunday is football and I’m looking forward to a do nothing weekend. I think that I’ll relax and see the foot people, then start again on Monday with some Maximum Intensity Training by Shaun T.

Which means that this weekend will also bring with it some low calorie food and stretching. TONY!! I’ve missed you :-)

Thanks for reading and if you’re hurting, check out http://blog.extremefitnessresults.com/2010/06/insanity-joint-pain-how-to-take-care-of-yourself/ It’s a great blog about taking care of yourself and working out.

Thanks for reading!



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